Marky Is a Producer and multi-instrumentalist based in Manchester UK.

Over the last 10 years Marky has carved a reputation for producing high quality Recordings for some of Manchester's Finest independent artists. Since setting up his own studio in South Manchester 4 years ago, there has been a prolific amount of output from this compact but unique facility! Mark is equally at home there or other studios such as Eve Studios (Manchester), Giant Wafer (Wales), Blueprint (Manchester), The Convent (Stroud), Z-arts (Hulme) or Dream Studios (Long Island, NY). 

Mark started began his music production career recording Albums for band's at school, quickly graduating from a Tascam 4-track tape deck to an AKAI 12 track digital machine. Marky went on to major in Music Production and Composition at University of Leeds. Marky achieved some success in his early twenties playing bass and Co-producing for Manchester band The Jessie Rose Trip (later re-named to JJ Rosa). Demo's that the band Produced in Jessie's basement using Marky's studio equipment lead to a US Major label bidding war with the band eventually signing to S-Curve Records (Joss Stone, Baja Men, Andy Grammar). There Marky and the band worked alongside top Producers responsible for Joss Stone's hit albums (Danny P, Steve Greenberg, Steve Greenwell, Mike Mangini). Although the band never actually released the album's worth of material recorded at various studios in New York, London & Mark's home studio, it turned out to be a great opportunity to learn production and recording from a world class Production team.


Since then Marky has worked with a variety of Artists and Singer-songwriters from Manchester. Genre's spanning from Soul, Neo-Soul, Hip-hop, Funk, Blues, Reggae, Pop, and more recently Folk, Americana and Country. Production work has ranged from Solo vocal and acoustic Guitar / upright piano to "wall of sound' and full orchestra recordings.

Although at home behind the board, Mark has had the pleasure of playing on many of the records he has worked on, be it Upright or Electric Bass, Backing Vocals, Guitars, Percussion, Keys, Synths and Programming. Marky has also built up a network of some of Manchester's best and most creative session playing talent who have contributed huge amounts to many of the productions