Alina Ly:

Higher (Production)

Higher (Live on Location)

New Skin (Live In Studio)

Ben Fenner:


Perfectly In Love (Production and Mix)


Lauren Housley:

My Sleeping Heart (Production)

Why Must I Plead (Live In Studio)

Show Me What Love Is (Live On Location)

chorlton Country Club:

Blackbird (feat Danni Nicholls) - Live Studio Session

A Change is Gonna Come (Live Record and Mix)

Many Rivers To Cross (Jimmy Cliff Cover feat Jake Fletcher) - Live Studio Session

No One Knows (feat Robbie Cavanagh & Demi Marriner) - Live Studio Session

The Bomb (fest Robert Vincent) - Live Studio Session

Ben Williams:

Who Do You Think You Are (Production and Mix)

Bob Dylan (Production and Mix)

I Can Do That (Production and Mix)

Hold Your Fire (Production and Mix)

Afternoon Delight Barbershop Quartet:

It Wasn't Me (Shaggy) - Audio Mix

Bitch Better Have My Money (Production and Mix)

Easy Feet: (Location Record and Mix)

Extra Love: (Production and Mix)

Family Ranks: (Production and Mix)

Rowan Lark: (Location Record and Mix)

String Infusion: (Record and Mix)

Son of William:

Colour of Love (Record and Mix)

Dear Old Acquaintance (Record and Mix)

Buffalo Brothers: (Production)

Bruno Langley (Production)

Charlie Cooper:

That Man (Production and Mix)

Beautiful Clown (Production and Mix)

Lonely Boy (Production and Mix)

Needs Must (When The Devil Drives) - Production and Mix

Kaleidoscope Orchestra:

Pendulum Suite (Location Record)

Lady Gaga Suite (Location Record)